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June 27, 2005

I'll take a pass on NFL highlights to my cell

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Posted by Russell Shaw

A story that moved on Reuters last week reports that the National Football League is in talks with Sprint to offer game highlights on mobile phones.

The partnership with Sprint would broaden a relationship that already offers audio highlights of NFL games to Sprint phones. Additionally, Kansas City-area based Sprint has been a Kansas City Chiefs sponsor for a decade.

I suppose if you are traveling, and missed your favorite team's Sunday's game highlights, you might want to see exactly how that 40-yard touchdown pass went down.

To me, though, a service like this has some built-in production value challenges. The NFL playing field is long and wide. Sometimes, the plays that make the best highlights are best depicted from a wide camera angle.

Until 3G phones come- I forsee pixely highlights with narrow angles. I love football, but not enough to settle for inferior video.

Get me to the hotel, and to ESPN. For now.

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